The power to become a child – John 1:12

Becoming a child of God is the biggest point of blessings you will ever get as a human being in the Adamic race. Many of us (out of the nation of Israel) were not born children of God. But salvation has been extended to us by way of believing and receiving Jesus as personal Lord and savior.

The bible says, right there by faith, we are given the power (right) to become sons and daughters of God, not born by blood but by his will.

We need to come to this conciousness and live by it. That’s the only was to access the rights and position of the child in the house.

Make this prayer by faith:

Father, thank you for sending Jesus to die for me. I believe you raised him from the dead and accept him as my personal Lord and savior. Wash me with his precious blood. I invite him into my heart today. According to your word in John 1:12, give me the power to become your child. Amen

Congratulations on making this prayer. Contact me for more on how to walk as a child of God

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