are dreadlocks allowed in church

Are dreadlocks allowed in Christianity?

Dreadlocks are the hair some people keep.

Firstly there’s nothing wrong with your hairstyle whether it is dreadlocks deadlocks live locks whatever locks they
are nothing is wrong with your locks.

The bible tells us about some men that had long hair and you know all kinds of things in the bible but and how long is long? Okay now what’s important is this, you always want to be decent okay. You always want to communicate with those in your world.

All right and if for example you had dreadlocks before you were born again can you imagine with your dreadlocks Jesus saved you how were you born again with dreadlocks?

Meaning that he wasn’t put off with your dreadlocks see that? So that means that’s not the problem. That’s not the problem if you would rather have a different hairstyle go ahead and have a different hairstyle but i have a little

something to tell you about these dreadlocks just for good information for you.

The dreadlocks became popular through those who are called rastafarians. okay and if your dreadlocks are based on the rastafarian society there is a problem and i want to explain what that problem is.

I know a lot of people who do these things don’t even have an idea where it came from. Rasta is an abbreviation for those who are Rastafarians. Rastafarian came from two names Ras and Tafari. Now those are actually the names of a man who lived many years ago: Ras Tafari Makonnen. That’s the man who became emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia who was 83 years old when he died in 1975.

Now the Rastafarians are known as worshipers of Ras Tafari the man who became emperor Haley Selassie. He was Ras Tafari Makonnen so this was their symbol. If you say that you are a rasta or a rastafarian, that’s actually what you’re saying. You are saying that you are a worshipper of Halle Selassie because they believed that Haile Selassie Ras Tafari Makonnen was a descendant of King Solomon through the queen of Sheba.

That’s what they think now whether or not he was a descendant of king Solomon through the queen of Sheba whether or not he was, the word of God does not enthrone him to that point where anybody should worship him.

After all you’re not even allowed to worship king Solomon why would you worship Ras Tafari Makonnen
Haley Selassie the emperor of Ethiopia who’s dead now? See so get that understanding and it will help you know whether to keep the dreadlocks or not and so that’s it really you.

Pastor Chris

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